Best Top Motivational Sales Speakers

Top Motivational Sales Speakers

Awarded the “Top Speaker” in Tehran! The Best, Top Motivational Sales Speakers in Australia.

Top Motivational sales speakers and the best motivational sales speakers in Sydney come from a sales teaching or sales training background. Starting out as a jackaroo, Davids journey is truly inspirational.Have the Best Motivational Sales Speakers at your event! David has 17 years experience inspiring sales teams into action!

“Dynamic, engaging, entertaining and impactful!”

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WHY USE DAVE FERRIER? He is one of the best, Top Motivational Sales Speakers in the business!

Why use David Ferrier as a motivational speaker?

Choosing the right Top Motivational Sales Speakers (motivation or leadership) for your conference or seminar is vitally important to its success. You want your attendees to sit up in their seats, be enraptured with the speaker and go away feeling inspired about themselves and there life. That’s exactly what we deliver! Achieving the best result requires a speaker with a fine-tuned talent.  A great speaker has an understanding of how to read the audience and the ability to customise speaking content that matched your speaking brief. David Ferrier is a skilled speaker with the ability to lift the energy of the room.

How will David Ferrier make your event shine?

▪ David was awarded the top speaker at an international conference in front of 500 business leaders in Iran (Dec 2012)
▪ He’s an experienced speaker and trainer, starting his successful training company when he was under 30
▪ He is the past President of the well-respected ‘National speakers Association’ and is a transformation, innovative and learned professional speaking practitioner
▪ David is a certified hypnotherapist – he understands intrinsically how the mind works
▪ He has won two Australian titles in Judo and three South Australian titles – knows how to perform at an elite level
▪ He’s been the business owner, trainer and facilitator of ‘The 2 day Resultzcorp conference’ for 14 years
▪ David started work as a jackaroo in the Northern Territory on horseback and has a captivating story
▪ He cut his teeth with door to door sales and went on to excel at corporate sales
▪ His passion for sales psychology and his car have been his library for 20 years
▪ Has had a huge level of corporate sales success in developing new business and servicing existing clients
▪ At only 44 he is young, dynamic and captures the audience with X factor on stage
▪ He is continuously training himself and is a graduate of dozens of personal development courses
▪ David has accumulated 160 testimonial letters relating to inspiration, behavioural change, communication, leadership and sales psychology.

Speaking Topics
David has a range of motivational, leadership and sales training topics that can be tailored to match your specific audience. 

Best Motivational Sales Speakers


“Exciting and entertaining. Great insights. Terrific response. Comments very positive. Audience engaged throughout!”

~ Robyn Clissold, ALPMA SA Chair, ASS Conference ~


Why not have the best?

Best Motivational Sales Speakers

Dave Ferrier, Director of Resultzcorp Pty Ltd



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