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David Ferrier is a multiple international speaker with 17 years experience in sales consulting and sales coaching. The two main areas he specialises in are direct and corporate sales. In these areas there is selling business to consumer (B2C) and business to business sales (B2B). The sales processes in these areas are relatively the same. 

There is:

  1. The sales conversion of door knock, telephone call (incoming or outgoing cold call), internet lead or Networking event to Appointment made. Sales consulting to increase this sales conversion. Sales coaching is the key to increasing these!
  2. The conversion of appointment made to decision maker that you are infront of. This is a critical and often overlooked sales conversion! Great sales coaching will increase these with eas and grace.
  3. The obvious conversion that sales directors and sales people focus on is the sales conversion of Appointment to sales. A high level sales consulting session will look at this conversion through a ‘mystery shop’ and see easy strategies to increase this conversion!

Contact David. He has 17 years experience in this field and will be straight with you about the nuts and bolts of increase these 3 sales conversion.

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David Ferrier is one of the Top professional Speakers Australia….

Play the game of increasing sales conversions with David Ferrier. Its just proven sales processes to increase sales conversions. If you are not monitoring your sales conversions and you haven’t gone into this in an analytical way you will be shocked how easy it is and how drastic the results can be. Please see the testimonials on this web page.

Contact David Ferrier on 0450 412 355. He is a great sales coach and the first sales consulting session is free.


Minimum Requirements to look for in a Motivational Speaker:

  • A person with innovative, transformative and up-to-date content.
  • A person with ability to deliver X factor performance.
  • Person who inspires the people on day buy generally inspires into action after the day.

Thus, Davis Ferrier is the best conference speakers who match all the above mentioned briefs among the clients.

Known with Different Titles such as:

  • The sales surgeon
  • The brain surgeon
  • The body language surgeon
  • The change surgeon
  • The networking surgeon
  • The leadership surgeon



“High level of professionalism and passion – significant change in our Average Selling Price (ASP) within days to levels not previously seen…”


~ Jan Pollard – Chief Audiologist – National Training Manager ~


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