Motivational speakers for sales conference

Motivational speakers for sales conference

Motivational Speakers for Sales Conference

Awarded “Top Speaker” at the International Conferences!

David Ferrier is a one of the best conference speakers who started his career as a jackaroo on horse back. He is an experience motivational speaker and trainer that can capture an audience and move them into action!.

“Dynamic, engaging, entertaining and impactful!”

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SPEAKING TOPICS – Sales, Motivation and Leadership

International award-winning professional speaker, David Ferrier has been speaking on these subjects full-time through his own conferences and at private events for more than 17 years.The best Motivational Speakers for Sales Conference are award winning full time professional speakers!

Speaking Topics

The secret art of sales psychology
A.K.A. ‘the sales surgeon’ – ‘motivational speakers for sales conference’
Motivation and inspiration – based on 17 years of Resultzcorp sales training. The positive results of David’s session will be obvious and measurable almost immediately.
Creating what is possible
A.K.A. ‘the brain surgeon’
Inspiration, motivation and the subconscious mind. Making logical sense of what is going to empower you and others to achieve goals

Leadership and perception
A.K.A. ‘the leadership surgeon’
Motivating, transforming perception and developing a culture of leaders
(winner of best speaker in Iran in Dec 2012)
Sustainable behavioural change
Emotional intelligence and motivating behavioural change
A.K.A. ‘the change surgeon’
Liar, liar pants on fire
A.K.A. ‘the body language surgeon’
Body language – ideal for dinner entertainment
(13 shows produced and presented by David at the Adelaide Fringe 2012 and another 13 shows at the Adelaide Fringe 2015).
The networking genius
A.K.A. ’the networking surgeon’
How to work your KPIs to get new business


“Exciting and entertaining. Great insights. Terrific response. Comments very positive. Audience engaged throughout!”

~ Robyn Clissold, ALPMA SA Chair, ASS Conference ~


~ Jan Pollard – Chief Audiologist – National Training Manager ~


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‘Cusomised speaking and training for perfect client outcomes’.

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