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Contact Motivational Speakyers in Sydney

Awarded “Top Speaker” at International Conferences!

David Ferrier is a top Sydney motivational speaker who began his career as a jackaroo on horse back! He earned a great success in motivational speaking and training in Sydney. David has spoken at conferences and seminars throughout Australia on sales, leadership and inspiration. When you contact motivational speakers in Sydney look for an experienced presenter with a training background. The best speakers in the world, more often than not, have a training or training background. When a speakers has thousands of hours to hone there skills and ‘stage X factor’ you can be reassured of a great show! 

To customise a talk that matches your brief is one thing but there is more to consider! The most important thing is that the audience is motivated to use the messages (that match your brief) well after the talk and that it is life impacting! A great speaker will have people remember ‘the key takeaway messages’ for a life time. The only way to do this is to subconsciously programme the audience with the desired messages. Have the audience do verbal and physical actions is the key. Contact motivational speakers in Sydney and creat a talk that will be life changing!


“Dynamic, engaging, entertaining and impactful!”

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David has motivational speaking engagements booked for conferences and seminars as a guest speaker in Sydney and Australia well into 2016.
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You can discuss the type of talk or keynote presentation required and what you would like to achieve for your audience. David is a specialist in customising transformational and motivational speeches that will exceed your expectations.

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