Conference Speakers Sydney

Conference Speakers Sydney

Conference Speakers Sydney

Awarded “Top Speaker” at International Conferences! Conference speakers Sydney specialises in Sales, leadership and inspiration. 


David Ferrier from Conference Speakers Sydney started his career as a jackaroo on horseback! He’s earned great success and appreciation in conference speaking and training in Sydney.


“Dynamic, engaging, entertaining and impactful!”

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Conference Speakers Sydney

Conference Speakers Sydney is a web page owned by multiple award winning professional speaker David Ferrier. When you are looking for a speaker in Sydney there are some great tips that will help you secure a truly great speaker for your event.

1. Consult with a professional speaker that has thousands of training or teaching experience with hard core professional speaking experience. They can customise a talk to suit your ‘client brief’ and be comfortable on stage.

  • There are ‘I’ve climbed a mountain speakers’,
  • ‘sports speakers’ and
  • full time ‘professional speakers’.

It is common knowledge in the speaking industry that the best speakers in the world invariably have a training or teaching background. As the president of the National speakers association I personal witnessed many ‘ex’ school teachers transforming crowds! They are professional conference speakers. They do it full time because they love making a difference in the lives of others, They look at speaking as an art form and the great ones stand our from the crowd and are exceptional!


Some points to consider…

  1. Make sure they have that stage X FACTOR. How to do this? 
  2. Reading testimonials (on letterheads only) – It is crucial to look at video testimonials.
  3. They must have the rare ability to subconsciously programme the audience with take away messages that relate to YOUR client brief and inspire the delegates ‘into action’ after the event!

A great speaker will have the audience recall at least 3 key points years and even decades after the talk! Contact me on 0450 412 355. It inspires me to inspire others. How amazingly great can your conference in Sydney be?


“Exciting and entertaining. Great insights. Terrific response. Comments very positive. Audience engaged throughout!”

~ Robyn Clissold, ALPMA SA Chair, ASS Conference ~


~ Jan Pollard – Chief Audiologist – National Training Manager ~

Conference Speakers Sydney


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